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Star Power Candle


OHH I am so excited to get to collaborate with my favorite print shop in the US (or maybe the whole planet!) Oddities does a wonderful job explaining this project, so I have ripped the description straight from their site! Enjoy

“ODDITIES PRINTS EDITIONS (OPE-005): We are excited to continue our artist-collaboration series! Throughout the year we will be releasing hand-printed cult candles featuring original art by some of our favorite artists. New editions will be released every 2 months, corresponding with Zodiac signs & select curses / hexes / wishes / desires.

STAR POWER: artist edition candle featuring original work by Olivia Gibb. Black wax 7-day candle printed with white and yellow split-fountain enamel.

OLIVIA GIBB is an artist whose work is always incredibly expressive, passionate, primal & unique. Wildly talented, her work channels technical mastery through the most basic & relatable human urges & desires. An honor as always :-)

HAND SCREEN PRINTED by the expert hands of Oddities Prints. We’ve tested, tested again & refined our cylindrical screen-printing process especially for this print series. These candles are directly-printed, no cheap stickers or vinyl labels in sight. You are getting a hand-printed art object, made in the most traditional & true way possible. We’re proud of each candles uniqueness & embrace the primal printmaker’s hand evident in every detail.”

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Star power candle.jpg